Amanda Fox

a.k.a Savannah

Amanda Fox, Creative Director of FoxBrite LLC, is an educational pioneer. She has taught English Language Arts, Social Studies, Film, Journalism, and now leads STEAM programs via her startup STEAMPunksEdu-- in Louisville, Kentucky, with plans of expanding to Dallas in 2019. Recipient of the 2016 ISTE Emerging Leader Award, recognized as a PBS Digital innovator for her initiatives in enhancing student learning with technology, Fox has also served as President of the Young Educator Network for ISTE, and received the President's Volunteer Award. Her current project, the Zom-Be kids book series, sees her introducing design thinking to elementary students, and is to be released later this year. She has an affinity for coffee mugs, nerdy t-shirts, and can always be found in heels. Check out the Teachingland Podcast, The Virtual Reality Podcast, and The STEM Capeless Crusaders Podcast to learn more or connect with Amanda on Twitter @AmandaFoxSTEM" 

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Mary Ellen Weeks

a.k.a Columbus

Mary Ellen Weeks is the proud principal of Herbert Mills STEM Elementary School, a globally focused STEM school in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, and unapologetic advocate for STEM education and innovative best practices.   She also wears many other hats including wife to Steve, mother to three awesome kids: Amelia, Eli, and Alice, and a goldendoodle named Gus. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and reading in her (very limited) spare time.

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Mat Chacon, CEO, Dogheadsimulations 

"This is a fun, fast-paced read that is all about using teamwork to improve the educational experience. Whether you're an educator in the traditional classroom or an instructor in corporate training, you and your students will benefit from the unconventional strategies and tactics this book offers to navigate the darkness of antiquated educational practices and emerge into the light of an improved pedagogy.  " -- Mat Chacon, CEO, Doghead Simulations

"It’s human nature to get worn down by situations, and Education can be no different. But this dead-ly book from Amanda and Mary Ellen has the perfect anti-dote - the equally human response of playfulness, humour and creativity. As society moves to a fully digital and automated era where the most human intelligence or literacies are becoming more and more valuable, this is not only a smart move, but an absolutely key one if we are to truly survive. I’m confident that this book takes us even beyond that to also give an ability to thrive - first by understanding the recent past, and then via its incredible collection of practical tips and resources. I fully endorse Teachingland for the zombie-fied among us as well as the still warm and red-blooded teachers who are out there every day making a difference."

Jonathan Nalder, Teacher, Futurist, Digital Trainer and founder of

Steve Bambury, Head of Digital Learning and Innovation, JESS Dubai

“A totally unique approach to professional development that stands out from every other teaching book I’ve read. Essential reading for educators striving to ensure their learning environment doesn’t end up resembling a zombie movie!”