Augmented Reality Easter eggs

As technology rapidly evolves, so does the augmented reality tools available. As Charlie Fink, Forbes Journalist and VR guru, wrote in the beginning pages of his book Convergence, “This book is out of date. It was out of date the day it was written.” Sorry Charlie...I’m stealing those words. Because our book uses AR technology, our book will likely be dated before the ink hits the page. But that hasn’t stopped us from including what currently exists in our book.


Our book is augmented with HP Reveal  (which the online studio is being phased out in July 2019, though the app will continue to be supported, for how long? Who knows?). We have also used Thyng and Artivive. Download each of those apps and prepare for an epic AR scavenger hunt by scanning any images to unlock digital content. We are in the process of creating and adding  supporting docs, and tech tutorials for each platform.


Please keep checking back for these! As tools of today dissipate into the ARVerse graveyard, new tools will emerge. We vow to evolve and update and try to keep our AR content alive.

************Our Augmented Reality Content is currently being made. All content will be completed by June 30th, 2019. Keep scanning for added interaction! Can you find all of the AR Easter Eggs? Once all content has been developed we will have a contest to see who can find them all! Winner will get a Teachingland Survival Kit!****************


The chapter illustrations at the beginning of each chapter are brought to life with the Artivive app. Download the app and simply scan the images to unlock digital animations that give a preview of what the chapter is about. No login or user creation required!


In our Brain Stretchers section at the end of most chapters, we have included a Metaverse QR code. Metaverse is an augmented reality app that can be downloaded on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook. You can scan the metaverse QR code with your camera to launch the app or take you to the app store to download it.


If you scan from within the app, click on the scan me now arrow at the top and scan the QR code to start the experience. When you complete the experiences you earn Teachingland Digital Badges.


We also want you to create your own Teachingland Metaverse experiences and add them to our collection. Want to make an AR experience on one of our chapters or concepts? Use the Metaverse Teachingland Collection code to add your experience to our AR arsenal made by #wifiwarriors all over the world!

Use Collection code: XCZAZA   OR SCAN QR Code: (COMING SOON)

CTA Reveal-Logo.png

1.Download HP Reveal

2. Follow Teachingland's Channel

3. Scan the book to find hidden content!

We have randomly used HP Reveal to add additional content to the book. Most of the HP Reveal content that has been added is crowdsourced from readers and colleagues like you! Do you want to be featured in our Augmented book content? Create a video under 1 minute that covers a topic or concept you choose. Contact us on how to get your video featured! We are going to be highlighting content creators every month in our newsletter! 


We have used the app Thyng as our coaching AR app. With the Thyng app you can scan the chapter intro image, and the brain stretchers page at the end of the chapter to unlock our avatar providing preview information, and also a call to action. To start using the app all you have to do is download it and select "target" and scan the images in the book. A tutorial video is coming soon!