Wakelet + Teachingland Swag Challenge

Welcome to the first Sunday in February! We want to kick off this month, our BOOK BIRTHDAY MONTH...WOOT WOOT, with a Wakelet + Teachingland Challenge!

With our book release right around the corner, this week we are populating our website with resources from the book #Teachingland : A Teacher's Survival Guide to the Classroom Apocalypse. Specifically, the resource pages for Ch 5 and 6. In Chapter 5 we talk about our REMEDY for student engagement and in chapter 6 we include a monster tech table that lists tools and strategies to evaluate why and how we are using technology integration for each letter of our acronym. (In our monster table we categorize by age group and give specific examples--be sure to grab a copy of Teachingland).

R-EACH --What tools can you use to Reach your students on a personal level?

E-NGAGE--How can use technology to engage your students?

M-AKE--There are plenty of tools for digital making. Which ones complement your purpose or learning objectives?

E-VALUATE--Evaluation is beyond the grade and groan assembly line. How can we meaningfully assess students?

D-EMYSTIFY--How do we make the learning process transparent, and transfer?

Y-EARN--What tools can we use to keep them yearning for the next project?

When I started envisioning my resource pages I was a little unsure of how I would curate tools and strategies until I came across Wakelet, a totally free, and awesome curation tool! If you don't know what Wakelet is or the plethora of features that makes digital collecting easy brace yourself! Here is a quick overview and 5 amazing ways its being used in education--and be sure to follow me @AmandaFoxSTEM

Read on to the end to find out how to win some Teachingland + Wakelet swag!

What is Wakelet?

Wakelet is a digital curation tool that allows you to create collections also known as wakes. These collections can be really on any topic, and can include anything that has a link: videos, tweets, articles, websites, images, etc. It creates one link to rule them all, and then you can share that one link with the world and they have access to the whole collection of resources. And its available as an app for iOS and android AND as a chrome extension! What???? Here are five ways to leave learning in your wake for your students, parents, and even faculty!

1. Curate Research Links

Whenever we assign research to students on a certain topic it can be hard to navigate the web and find meaningful content from a sea of zombie web pages that haven't been updated, fake news, and content above or below the reading level for our particular group of students Wakelet allows you to cherry pick and curate appropriate resources an then share it with your students in your LMS with one link!

2. Student Portfolios!

In a world with digital tools at the tip of our fingers it can be hard to keep up with all the learning artifacts our students create. Instead of doing google classroom assignment archaeology, have your students create a collection of their best work, tweets, images, and digital content in one place. Put the QR code to their space on a portfolio bulletin board in your room to link to the digital world.

3. Crowdsource Student Work and Faculty Resources!

Did you know you can open up your wake to contributors by adding their email address, or even better---through a QR or link with no login necessary??? If your students are turning in a gif assignment, PSA videos, MEMEs, papers, this is the easy way to do it. You can then share work from the class in one link via a newsletter to parents, or on your school's social media pages! Want to collect resources from your faculty? Create a collection, write a description of what you are looking for, click on manage contributors at the bottom of your page, and share via link! Send out an email or post a QR code in the workroom!

4. Flipped and Personalized Learning!

When I was teaching social studies I would have loved to have had Wakelet to curate my videos by standard/topic and then offer multiple ways for students to show what they know in the same link! With Wakelet you can add a video from youtube, either one you have made, or one you have selected, and then add links to Flipgrid, Voki, Cospaces, Google Forms, or any platform that can function as an assignment!

5. Hash Tag Feed

Do you have class or school hashtag that you want to follow? You can create collections around a hash tag and embed or link it on your website. No other widgets needed! We have #Teachingland collection started and on our homepage. We love having one tool that pulls what everyone is tweeting about us in one place! See what people are saying about #Teacihngland http://wke.lt/w/s/pfvCF


Everyday we will tweet out a wake collection contributor link from our Monster Tech Table!

To Qualify you should:

1. Add a resource to each daily Wake we post the week of Feb 4-Feb 8th

(Reach, Engage, Make, Evaluate, Demystify, Yearn)

2. Retweet our wake collections daily!

3. Use the hash tag #Teachingland

4. Tag @Wakelet

Wake Schedule:

Sunday: Reach

Monday: Engage

Tuesday: Make

Wednesday: Evaluate

Thursday: Demystify

Friday: Yearn

On Saturday we draw three random winners that have retweeted and posted in each collection. Winners will receive Wakelet stickers, a t-shirt, and Teachingland Zombie Zip Kit!

We look forward to seeing you awake (pun intended).

Amanda Fox

a.k.a Savannah

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