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Design thinking and problem-based learning are becoming increasingly popular, but how do we introduce children to this process?


In Zom-BE a Design Thinker, Zip the Zombie takes students through the Design Thinking process using human-centered design. As they read and learn, elementary-age students will learn skills that they will use for life! With rhyme, cute illustrations, interactive augmented reality experiences and digital downloads—such as coloring sheets and an online class that prompts students to create in multiple realities—this book is a great way to introduce design thinking and future technologies to your children at home or in the classroom. Download the Zombie Zip Process Journal, design challenges, and AR apps at below to get your young learners thinking like designers!


There is even a music video in the works!

Download the ARTIVIVE app now and scan the cover on Amazon!


Zom-Be A Design Thinker has supplemental activities aligned with United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals! Look for digital downloads soon!


Join the Global XR Design Challenge coming fall of 2019!

Zom-Be A Design Thinker Blank Design Tem
Zom-Be A Design Thinker Blank Design Tem
#ZombeDT + SDGs

XR Experiences available by downloading the following apps + purchasing a MERGE cube!

Download the Artivive App and scan the cover of the book to see it come to life!

***AR content to be finished developing by August 30th, 2019

Download CoSpaces Edu and buy a MERGE cube to hold an interactive design thinking lesson in your hand!

Classroom Downloads 


"Empathy is such a critical skill for today's youth to develop and utilize when looking to solve problems in the world around them. Amanda does an incredible job of making empathy and Design Thinking accessible through her creative characters, storyline, and activities."


Michael Cohen, TheTechRabbi